Hello All,

I am new to this forum, but look forward to sharing thoughts with other cranio-parents. My son Joseph is now 12 years old and was born with Metopic Craniosynostosis. He had no soft spot at all when he was born and a very prominent ridge down his forehead. He had his corrective surgery at 11 months (almost two months after the original surgery date because his pre-op appointment revealed that he had a double ear infection). Aesthetically, he healed beautifully, but he has had a series of developmental and academic delays his entire life. He was VERY late to potty train (nearly five years old) and he continued to wet his bed until he was ten. He didn't speak at all until he was in Kindergarten, and even then, I was one of the only people who understood what he was saying. He has also had impulse control issues - though they have improved vastly over the years.

He has always been in mainstream classes as much as possible - I pushed for this because I thought it was important for him socially, especially since he repeated Kindergarten and has always been the biggest kid in his class. Today was his first day of middle school, and although his vocabulary and grammar are good overall, he still speaks with a very obvious impediment. It almost still sounds like baby talk. He is currently 5'8" and 150 lbs. He has been in speech therapy in school since Kinder.

I'm wondering what types of difficulties, if any, your cranio kids have had in these areas, and if you attribute it to the cranio, the surgery, or both? I'd also like to know if you've had any luck with particular strategies to improve your child's language skills and/or attention? I worry for my son because the older he gets and the taller he grows, the more obvious it is to his peers that he is a little different. Last year he told me kids were calling him stupid. I wanted to cry. He is an extremely bright, funny, creative, smart kid and I hate the idea of him feeling bad about himself.

Sorry for the long post. I look forward to hearing from all you experienced cranio parents!

DS Metopic Craniosynostosis
Corrective surgery 5-16-99, age 11 mths