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Thread: Bumps on scar site

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    Question Bumps on scar site

    Hey everybody..Hope everybody's summer is going good...
    I have a question...Will's scar is almost completely healed..stitches gone and the scar is pink now...But yesterday I noticed a bump...looks like a pimple with a lil bit of puss on the end on the scar site right behind his ear.. I popped it..put some bacitracin on it... And it went away...But this morning I noticed another one on the other side same area just other side...its hard to tell if there are any on the very top of the scalp cause his hair has grown over the scar.. and he is a wiggle worm when I try and look.. Is this normal? and if so what is it?

    I cannot call the Dr.. I have over 9K in hospital bills from Him..because of the way they billed the insurance company..So I am trying to get that fixed..would rather not go see him..and his pediatrician wont know what it is..

    Love N Light
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    this was very commom with zac, its the stitches inside "spitting" we were told and i think is completely normal, just keep doing what u are and it should be fine
    Donna xx

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    Fiona had a couple of those as well, they were infected hair follicles, and after I popped them they went away, but she did have a couple of them.
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    If the bumps go away and don't return they are probably just hair follicles, but if they scab and keep returning to the same spot and continue to ooze and scab it could be a stitch granuloma which would need medical attention. Xander had this in one spot- his skin "walled off" over a stitch and it just wouldn't heal- it was not an infection- it was more like a cancer(or a kind of wart?) as the skin had grown "improperly" around the stitch and would not allow it to go away. They put silver nitrate (an acid) on it and the skin dried up and the stitch dissolved and everything was fine...

    Anyway, good luck and just keep an eye on it and don't be afraid to go to the doctor- he himself is probably unaware of any billing or insurance issue's going on- he has staff for that he more than likely never worries about that stuff- just his patients!!
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    I hope its nothing, and Im sure it is. but I would just clal the doctor, they cant deny you AND the other thing is is that you can have all these medical bills, it will not effect your credit score in anyway as med bills cant go on there. im not saying ignore the bills, but i wouldnt avoid the doc because of the outstanding bills.
    lots of love! xoxo
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    AJ had one too and it eventually went away. I tried to squeeze it but it didn't want to pop. I called the nurse line and they said they werent concerned.
    Hospitals bills stink! I have had to apply for financial aid for mine and they finally decided to pay for them. Keep trying!!

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    hi kATHY we have returned to hosp today to show them edens puss filled blister omn scar line, they wernt concerned but said if it pops to go back, its the second one he has had, the first popped scabbed over and returned in exct same spot, maybe we might need thaT acid stuff if dont go away? i just posted almost identicle question !!!
    oh the joys, the worries ........!! its all fluidy today
    thoand looks alot bigger, hosp said about the sutures, adn also maybe reaction to plates?
    jen x

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