1. Hardware is bulging, one year post op...

    Okay, so I have remained as cool as a cucumber this past year post-op. Mikey has been doing pretty well. He is still behind on most milestones. He is currently seeing a physical therapist, vision therapist, and speech therapist. He has yet to walk on his own, but can move around while holding on to things. He is a very happy baby still, but has recently begun to pull at his hair again. Mainly on the back of his head. This reminds me of the first time we noticed it, and began our cranio journey ...
  2. Sharing our before and afters...

    I wanted to share some pics of Mikey. There are a few great shots comparing the before and after op booger-butt. We have been pleased with the results so far. He has been playing with his toes a lot lately! He hates belly time, but is starting to lift his head up more and more! Sometimes it seems slow, but then other times the smallest things are huge victories! Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Follow up appointment

    Well, we had our follow up appointment for Mikey today. It was all good news so far. His head circumference is now in the 98th percentile. Our surgeon showed me the pictures from surgery while we were there. He was not exaggerating when he talked about the brain making an imprint on the inside of Mikey's skull. The indentations were deep! It was a little alarming. Unfortunately we will not be able to tell if there is any permanent damage until he gets a little older. Until then we ...

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  4. Finally home and settled in...

    Well we have been home for over a week now, and it has been great. The hospital stay was rough on our little guy. Waking him up and poking or proding him every few hours really made life miserable. We felt the aftershocks of this in his behavior at home. Anyway, surgery went well. Mikey lost more blood than they hoped, but overall it was a success. His head circumference went from the 6th percentile, to the 45th after the neurosurgeon, and the 76th after the plastic surgeon completed the operation. ...

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  5. Do it to ourselves

    Okay, so I had to reach out to our CFS and NS on Friday, Februrary 17th. They returned my call today February 21st, to talk. I have worked myself into a frenzy while waiting for surgery. I educated myself as much as possible before our final meeting with the team. They were thoroughly impressed, and after our meeting I felt so confident in our decisions that led us there. Soon after I joined CranioKids to meet the other folks in this journey I felt so relieved we were not alone. I started ...
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