October 23rd, 2006

Doo-too is how Dillon says thank you. He could say it a hundred times over and the cuteness of it will make me smile every single time. I’ll hand him a cup of milk, which he will snatch right out of my hands, remembering to yell doo-too over his shoulder as he runs away. He’s also saying moo meee (excuse me) nah nah (night night). He looks so incredibly happy and proud everytime he says something that others understand. On the flip side, he’s expressing a lot of frustration when he isn’t able to communicate his wants or needs. He did have a follow up hearing test last week, which revealed a slightly further loss than the last test. His hearing could be slowly getting worse, or he could have been being a typical two year old focusing on everything around him rather than listening for specific sounds. We didn’t speak with the Dr. last week after the test, but I will be contacting her to see what her thoughts are on this.

Dillon has follow up with Dr. Rao, his ophthalmologist, next month, and begins ultrasound physical therapy for the torticollis on Wed. of this week. It was supposed to start sooner but we have had difficulty in determining weather or not the referral for it had been approved. That will most likely be two to three times a week, but we won’t know for sure until after the initial evaluation. The therapy will also focus on strengthening his ankles.
Speaking of ankles, his new braces are working out great. They fit perfect and do not seem to irritate his feet or ankles at all. Most of the time he actually seems to enjoy wearing them, and loves showing of the big trucks printed on the straps.

School is back in session and Dillon had his very first field trip to the cider mill with Early On. It was a family outing for the kids in the program and their parents, as well as the teachers and therapists. We all had a blast and have the pictures to prove it in his albums. Take a look, our little man isn’t so little anymore. I’m certain he’s gorwn about 57 inches since my last upday. OK, more like 2 inches 😉

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