August 10th, 2006

Dillon had a wonderful time at his second birthday party. He got a lot of presents, and couldn’t get enough cake after he finally got brave enough to take a bite. There are pictures from the party posted in his photo albums, he was quite the cheeseball for the camera. I still can not believe he is two already!

He had his two year well baby check last month. He is 35.5 inches tall and weighs 31 pounds. His weight is finally catching up to his height, and this puts him in the 75th percentile for both categories! He is already half my height 😀 During the visit we got the referral to see an in network physiatrist (The Dr. we saw through Early On is not in our insurance network unfortunately) and got the prescription for his spinal X-rays to see where we stand with the scoliosis.
He will begin the ultrasound therapy as soon as he has the new braces for his ankles. The goal is to hopefully treat his neck and hypotonic ankles at the same time to see if that resolves the scoliosis.

We also had another visit with Dr. Jackson last month, and it went very well. He said that Dillon’s head is looking good and we can begin to come back every six months rather than every three. We discussed another surgery again, but since Dillon is not in any immediate danger his next reconstruction will be put off for as long as possible (but be done before he enters school). He still has the dark spot along with the “dent” in his forehead, but it is not something that causes him any pain and should not cause any problems. If I remember correctly, the explanation for that is that it is simply the way his bones shifted in to place after his surgery, and the dark bruised looking area are veins that are close to the surface of his skin. On an average day we are probably asked by strangers at least three times if he fell and hit his head. It doesn’t bother us though (most of the time 😉 ), we would probably ask the same if we saw a child who appeared to have a large bruise on their head. Not to mention it gives us the opportunity to open up a conversation and spread awareness on craniosynostosis.

It looks like our little summer break is coming to an end soon. Dillon will start back in the Early On program at the end of this month (he loves it there!), have the ultrasound therapy 2-3 days a week, and it’s also time for follow up with the ENT and ophthalmologist. Tomorrow Dillon will get to see his great grandma and grandpa! It should be a lot of fun, they haven’t seen him since he was about ten weeks old, before his surgery. We are looking forward to their visit!