June 22nd, 2006

Three more days and our baby will be two! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. It is so wonderful to watch him grow and develop, yet at the same time I want the clock to stop so he can remain my “baby” forever. He is turning in to such an independent little man determined to do everything himself. He adores books and helping mommy and daddy clean around the house. His curiosity and sense of wonder are never ending, he has to get in to and check everything out. And I mean everything. Did I mention he has to get in to everything? 😉
His speech and vocabulary are slowly but surely improving. He attempts to say about a dozen words now, his favorites being uh-oh, wow, and mine.

He recently had an evaluation by a physiatrist out of Children’s Hospital of Detroit. He’s a Dr. who comes to see Early On students a couple of times a year. It looks like Dillon may be beginning to develop scoliosis, and we are going to try ultrasound therapy for the torticollis. He does still need braces for his feet, as the Sure Steps didn’t stop Dillon from tippy-toeing so they were not effective for him. The Dr. sent us a letter with his findings that we will give to his pediatrician during his 2 year well baby check on 7/18.

The results of his Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome testing came back negative, but the geneticist says that does not rule it out. He said that roughly one third of people who do have it have an underlying gene change that the testing can not pick up. He feels that Dillon does have SCS, but can not say so with certainty without a genetic test that can back up a diagnosis.

His only appointments for July so far are his well baby check and follow up with Dr. Jackson on the 3rd. Looks like we will spend most of July having fun and going to swim lessons! I will be sure to post pictures of his 2nd birthday party, and update after we see Dr. Jackson again.