March 9th, 2006

The final results of Dillon’s ABR show that his hearing is borderline. He is able to hear down to 30 decibels, and desired results are in the 10 to 20 range. The hearing loss is equal in both ears but overall it’s a mild loss, which is wonderful and relieving news! The next step is to see if intensive therapy will help Dillon’s speech progress without the use of a hearing aid. We follow up with Dr. McBrien in six months to check on the tubes, and if he is still having difficulty with speech after therapy we will revisit the idea of hearing aids. Doug and I both feel confident that his speech is really going to start developing soon. At Dillon’s age it’s hard to say exactly how delayed his speech is, since some children say 40 to 50 words and some may only say a handful. Dillon may just be learning other skills right now (like those great problem solving skills he has) that are distracting him from working on speech. He may surprise us one day soon by suddenly telling us all about why he doesn’t think he needs speech therapy. I can hear it now; “Momma, daddy, we need to have a serious discussion about all this therapy you have me in” Image hosting by Photobucket In the mean time, we’re going to make sure we do everything we can to help him out.

March 9th, 2006

Just a quick update on Dillon’s appointments; I’ll write more in the morning after his ENT appointment 🙂

We’ve met with the new orthopedic surgeon since my last update. He took a look at the birthmark at the base of Dillon’s spine (he referred to it as a port wine stain), asked quite a few questions about Dillon’s medical history, and did X-rays of his hips and feet. The end result was that at this point the only thing that can be done is to monitor Dillon’s physical development and keep him in therapy. The X-rays looked pretty good, and the Dr. would like to see him again in a few months to monitor his feet and torticollis.

Dillon also had the tubes put in his ears and the ABR on the 22nd of February. The procedures went very well and Dr. McBrien said that there was some fluid in his ears, but it was clear. The preliminary results of the ABR showed that his hearing was still borderline, but we should know more in the morning when we get the final results.

His head CT was Monday, but unfortunately it had to be rescheduled. This one was scheduled without anesthesia, and he was just to scared to lay still. He did get a handful of lollipops from the nice technicians out of it though! The scan is rescheduled for March 31st with anesthesia.

Follow up with the craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Jackson, is on March 15th and the pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Rao, on March 24th.

His vocabulary is starting to expand! Many of the words he does try to say sound similar (more, milk, and momma are all “mah”), but he sure is putting an effort in to communicating with us. He’s really catching on to sign language also, he uses more and milk in perfect context. Hopefully tomorrow brings us good news about his hearing.