January 25th, 2006

Once again, I’ve somehow managed to go over a month without an update. December was pretty busy for us with the holidays, but it was great fun! Dillon got to meet his Uncle Justin and Grandma (my brother and mom), who came up from Arizona, for the first time. It was wonderful seeing them meet, and Dillon absolutely loves them!
He had his 18 month well baby early this month and weighed in at 25 pounds, 14 ounces, and measured 33.5 inches tall! His pedi would like us to see the orthopedic surgeon again about the torticollis since it still isn’t improving, and an ENT for another opinion on his hearing. His ENT visit is scheduled for February 2nd, and we are still working on the ortho visit. She showed some concern over him still not saying any words, but even in the couple of weeks since that visit he’s getting closer. He says two things that sound very close to words: he calls Doug “ada” and also points to his fish tank and says “isssee” (his cute attempt at fishie).
In the next couple of months his opthamologist and craniofacial follow up visits will be scheduled also.
Well, there’s not much else to update! Overall Dillon is doing very good, he loves playing and getting in to things just like any toddler does 😉 Oh, and it seems nothing is out of his reach anymore, not only is he tall, but he can climb like you wouldn’t believe! This morning I opened the fridge to get out some juice, and by the time I had his cup ready, he had climbed on to the dining room table using the chair as a step stool. He was sitting up there just tickled pink over what he had accomplished, not knowing he’d nearly caused his mommy a heart attack 😀 As scary as they are, moments like that are also comforting in a way. After everything he’s been through, seeing him be such an adventerous boy let’s us know our little man is just fine. Image hosting by Photobucket