December 12th, 2005

I didn’t realize it had been over a month since I’ve updated this journal! All is going pretty well, and Dillon continues to amaze us with his fun loving personality every day.

The ENT visit in November could have been better. The ENT advised us that Dillon has some hearing loss in his left ear, and that he has abnormal middle ear function, which we already knew. The Dr. was very friendly, but we didn’t feel as though any of our questions were answered. If answers are possible, we would like to know things like how bad the hearing loss is, will it get better or worse with time, and what has caused it. The ENT wanted to see him agian in three months, but in the mean time we will probably get another opinion since Dillons hearing tests results have not improved in four months. Although he is still not saying any words, he does try to mimic words with sounds. If we say something like “all done”, he mimics it with “ahhhh uhhh”, so he’s trying! He really seems to like communicating with sign language, he knows how to use simple signs like more, all done, and milk in context. He seems to understand fairly well when we talk to him, so we are feeling optimistic about his hearing.

Last week he got small braces for his feet called Sure Steps. When Dillon walks, he over pronates (walks on the inside of his feet) so these will aid him in learning to walk on the bottom of his feet, and help prevent future knee and hip problems that can be caused by overpronating. They are small and non invasive, a regular shoe can fit right over them. Here’s a little info on how they work:
Sure Step web site

Dillon’s really starting to show imagination when playing, we love watching his mind work. Peek-a-boo has turned in to hide and seek, and laundry baskets have become Dillon sized cars. He gets a kick out of being pushed around the house in one 🙂 I’m pretty sure he grows an inch every time he sleeps, because he seems to be able to reach anything we try to put out of his height range. Christmas should be a blast this year, we can’t wait to see him dig in to the presents. Of course, like most toddlers, he’ll prefer the paper and boxes over the toys that came in them. 😉

That’s about it for now, hopefully I don’t go another month without a post!