October 20th, 2005

Dillon had an appointment with his pediatrician yesterday, and audiologist the day before. He weighed in at 24 pounds 1 ounce yesterday, way to grow Dillon! His hearing test results were the same this month as they were last month, so he will be going to see an ENT on 11/7.

We can’t believe how much he has grown these past few months, his personality has gone from our little baby to our little boy. When he’s up to something he know’s he’s not supposed to be doing, he seems to think we won’t notice if he moves really, really slow. Take the TV for example, he loves pressing the button to turn it off. If one of us is in the room, he will look right at us, or pretend to be interested in a toy, while ever so slowly reaching for that button. He seems to take the “act like I’m interested in something else and pretend I’m not really moving” approach. We have a little smarty pants on our hands! :0 Then there’s the “conversations” he likes to have, which we really need to catch on video. He will stand right in front of you and talk in toddler jibberish, while making hand gestures and facial expressions to emphasize what he is saying. He looks like such a serious little adult when he does it!
He got his first taste of cider, and first trip to the pumpkin patch this month, here’s a picture from the pumpkin patch. We’re going to let him fingerpaint his pumpkin rather than us carving it:

October 6th, 2005

Dillon did very good for the examination, didn’t even shed a tear when it was time for the dialation drops! We’ve been very fortunate so far in finding very caring, knowledgable, and friendly Dr.’s for Dillon, and todays visit with Dr. Rao proved the same. We were a little surprised at the findings and still do not have an answer as to what is causing his torticollis, but at the same time relieved and thankful that his eye muscles are not a concern. Often if there is an eye muscle concern, torticollis can acompany it and the concern can be corrected with surgery. After an in depth exam, we found that Dillon does not have any issues with eye muscles, but does have a moderate astigmatism in his right eye. Dr. Rao would like to see him again in six months to see how his vision is developing, and will probably prescribe corrective lenses in about a year.
So far Dillon has had physical therapy, seen an orthopedic surgeon, had his hearing tested, and had his eyes examined in an effort to pinpoint the cause of and treat his tilt. He does go in for a repeat hearing test this month, but what happens next will depend on weather or not he has better results from his left ear.

The other day Dillon colored his first “picture” 🙂 We sat down with some crayons and paper, and his art work is now hanging on our fridge! He has also started giving kisses. Him toddeling over to us offering a hug and kiss makes every worry in our lives disapear for a minute. Who would have thought a face full of baby drool could make a person so happy?