September 28th, 2005

We have a tall skinny little man! 15 month well baby stats:

23 pounds 4 ounces- 30th percentile
33 and 1/4 inches tall- 95th percentile
Head circumferance is 18 and 1/2- 25th percentile (up from 0-5th percentiles pre op)

On October 6th, he has his appointment with the pediatric opthomologist, we’ll let you know how that goes.

September 20th, 2005

Well, there’s several updates since my last post. Dillon is doing wonderful. He is walking all over the place, even trying to run. He absolutely melts our hearts when he opens his arms and leaps at us for a hug. 🙂
He is learning to wave hi and bye-bye, but often waves bye-bye after the person who is leaving is already gone
We suddenly have a little monkey who loves to climb all over the furniture and couches. If he can get at least one leg up on an object, it seems that means he is supposed to climb on it 😉
Tooth number three finally popped through the other day and brought tooth four right along with it!! The poor guy was miserable as they were coming out, but is back to his old smiling self again.

He has had appointments with both Dr. Zakalik and Dr. Jackson in the past week and all is looking well. His skull is still changing quite a bit so any more surgery is probably a couple of years down the road. His head circumference is getting close to the normal range, which is great because he was only in the 5th percentile pre-op, but he does still have that bruised looking spot on his forehead and defect (open spot) on the side.

He is still favoring tilting his head over to the left side, especially when he is tired. His 15 month well baby is coming up, at which time we will get a referral to the pediatric ophthalmologist. In the mean time, we did have his hearing tested today through the Early On program at MISD. He did very well with sounds coming from the right, and straight forward, but only responded to louder noises coming from the left. There was a bunny rabbit on the left that beat on a drum which he would look right at, but white noise didn’t get his attention, and the audiologist calling to him from the left speaker seemed to confuse him (he looked every other direction but left).
The good news is that the reason for it might be because he recently had a cold. She performed a different test to see if there was any fluid behind his ear drums. Turns out, he had some behind both. She wants to retest in a month after the fluid has hopefully cleared up, that appointment is set up for October 18th. She was very nice, and Dillon seemed to adore her. He actually sat completely still and didn’t make so much as a peep when she did the test to check for fluid. Dillon never sits still for anyone touching any part of his head! I even warned her that he would not be happy about it, but he sure made a liar of me When she finished he grabbed her dress, tugged on it to get her attention, and gave her the biggest grin ever.

Early On is back in session so Dillon gets to play with his buddies again! On Tuesdays he has class with Ms. Betty and other children in the program, and then Ms. Shirley and Ms. Lauren alternate weeks coming to the house for PT and OT. We sure did miss them over the summer!