April 28th, 2005

We had follow up for Dillon’s most recent CT today. Overall it went well, there are no immediate concerns. His NS is “Pleased with the results so far, but they are not perfect”. He’s going to continue to have follow up because there are 3 defects in his skull. I’m not positive what that means, but the areas he had me feel that he was refering to are open mushy spots, one of them where the subdural hygroma is/was. He said that even though Dillon is almost six months post op, he is still in the early stages of healing so he can’t say if any corrective action will need to be taken on those areas yet. They may fill in on their own, or require surgery to add bone chips. The spot on his forhead that is discolored seems to be swelling a bit so I asked him about it. He said it’s possible that there is some fluid in that spot, but that is normal. He said swelling can last a very long time post op, but once it goes completely away and the veins are back to their normal place, the fluid will most likely go away. I also asked him about Dillons eyes because the orbits looked very mis-shapen still in the CT, and they bulge out a bit when he’s sleeping. I am concerned that this will cause him vision problems. Again, it is one of those things that is to soon to tell. He does want us to go see Dillons craniofacial surgeon and take the films to him though. I hope I got all that right, it was a long appointment and we talked about a lot of things.
End result; it’s to soon to tell anything and we will have to keep following up, hopefully we know more in about 6 months. Pretty much what we already knew.

April 20th, 2005

On Sunday the 2nd, Dillon decided to use the coffee table to pull himself up to a standing position! He loves the fact that he can be taller now, but doesn’t really know how to get back down yet 🙂 Yesterday he was holding on to the table with one hand and drinking from his sippie cup with the other. Now, if he could just figure out how to get down 🙂

The CT scan last Friday went well! It was not scheduled until 11AM and the Little Man was in pretty good spirits considering he had nothing to eat. He woke up easily from the anesthesia and drank down a bottle right away. I will be picking up the films today, but we won’t have the actual results until the 28th.

We have his helmet and so far he does not seem to mind it at all! He fusses a bit as we are putting it on, but once it’s in place he seems to think it’s a normal part of his head.

Dillon will begin more therapy on the 5th of May (occupational) as his current therapists feel his fine motor skills are at a 5 month old level. He plays with toys in an age aproproate manner, but it is the way he uses his hands that are the concern (ie.. he doesn’t use the pincher grasp and does not self feed finger foods).

At Dillon’s nine month well baby check he weighed 19 pounds 13 ounces and was 29.5 inches long! Later that day, he gave us a scare. We were out eating and he was enjoying some scrambled eggs when he started coughing. I thought maybe he was choking a little, but he kept coughing and refulsed to eat anymore. Suddenly, he started turning red and his eyes were watering. I still hadn’t put two and two together and thought it was because he was coughing so hard. As we were leaving, I noticed his lower lip looked like it was swollen. Withing minutes, his lower lip was giant, his right eye was swelling, and he had hives. We went to the ER and by the time we got there, the swelling in his lip had gone down but he still had hives. He was given benadrly and steroids to stop the reaction, which they couldn’t determine the cause of. He had a vaccination that day, but it was the third time he had that particular one. He’s had eggs and egg products before, but we are staying away from those for now to be safe. Most likely, it was caused by something they cooked the eggs with, or something residual on the grill they used.
He was back to his old self in a few hours and it hasn’t happened since thank goodness, scares like that will make me grey before my time! 🙂