March 25th, 2005

Wow, time really does fly!
We had an appointment with Dr. Jackson a couple of weeks ago and decided Dillon would benefit from a molding helmet. The hospital he has physical therapy at actually has a company that comes in to cast helmets and other orthotic devices so that really worked out well. He was casted for it two weeks ago, and if everything has cleared with insurance he should have it by this Monday. It is worn 23 hours a day and will help his head shape correctly as he grows. Dr. J said that if Dillon does need another surgery, it is hopefully a couple years down the road.
He has had a bruised looking lump on his forehead for a couple of months now which the Dr. said would go away eventually. It is caused by some of the disolvable plates that were insterted after the surgery.
On April 15th he will have a follow up CT scan to see if the subdural hygroma has gone away on its own and we will follow that up with a trip to the neurosurgeon.
Those teeth are getting so close, we can see the tops of them, they should cut through any time now (I’ve been saying that for months LOL).
That’s about it for now!

March 5th, 2005

Hello everyone! It has been a long week, Dillon has been sick. We thought he had a cold so a week ago Thursday I took him to the pediatrician. They said it was just that, a cold, but to keep an eye on him. Well, by Monday he had a fever and his breathing was labored so we took him to the emergency room. Turnes out he has RSV, which has also caused bronchitis and a double ear infection. His pulse ox level was low when we went in, but came back up to 97% after three breathing treatments so they sent us home with a nebulizer. He is on antibiotics for the ear infections and we give him breathing treatments for the RSV every four hours. He has not let being sick slow him down at all! He has pretty much mastered crawling, he ventures out of the living room to explore the whole house.
His favorite game lately is to mimic things like clapping and head shaking.
STILL waiting on those first teeth to break through. I swear we are going to wake up one day to find a mouth full of teeth.

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