January 27th, 2005

As I noted in my last update, Early On evaluated Dillon a few weeks ago and placed his gross motor skills three months behind, at a three month old level. Well, the EO physical therapist did a home visit yesterday and to quote her she is “amazed with his progress”. In three short weeks his gross motor skills have advanced three months to right where he should be!!!! He was such a show off 🙂 He sat up for her and leaned over to grab toys while he did it. He got all the way up on all fours rocked back and forth. He was concentrating on a toy that was out of his reach. He decided to solve the problem by trying to hop to the toy!!! He leaned back and leapt forward several inches like a little frog, never losing his balance. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a very long time.

Physical therapy at the hospital is going pretty well, but Mr. Smarty Pants learned that shaking his head back and forth will make it hard for his therapist to do the streches 😮 He will be wearing a TOT Collar soon. It is a collar made to keep his head from tilting on to his shoulder , but he will still be able to move it side to side. He does not have to wear it constantly, just a few hours a day.

On Monday the Early On OT will be visiting, hopefully Dillon tries to show off for her the way he did with the PT!

January 19th, 2005

Hello everyone! Since it has been a while this will probably be another long update.
Dillon has started physical therapy for Torticollis and he goes in for that twice a week. We have several exercises and stretches we can work on here at home. He likes his physical therapist, but he does not like the actual physical therapy. It makes him mad and he lets us all know!

He qualifies for a program called Early On (also known as early intervention in most states). It is a great program with very friendly therapists who will come to our home for both physical and occupational therapy. During their initial evaluation just over two weeks ago the biggest concern was Dillon’s gross motor skills and reflexes; he placed in a 3 month old level in that category. For everything else, he was right on track at a 4-7 month level. I think the therapists will be very surprised next time they visit! Since his evaluation, Dillon has learned to do almost everything they were concerned about him not doing. When he was evaluated, he would prop himself on his elbows during tummy time rather than pushing up with his hands. Well, now not only does he use his hands, but he is pulling up his knees also and rocking!!! He is also able to sit up on his own for a minute or so. I think the flirt in him is trying to impress his therapists. He amazes us every day. Here’s a shot of the little man sitting up:

A few weeks ago we noticed a lump on the side of his head that was soft and bulging. He had another CT scan because of it and it is a subdural hygroma with a local mass effect (it means there is a pocket of fluid between his skull and brain). These are some what common after trauma to the head, including major surgeries like the one he had. It is asymptomatic and sometimes these go away without any type of treatment. His neurosurgeon feels it will probably go away on its own and he will have a follow up CT in April to make sure it does. In the mean time we know what warning signs to look for just incase it does cause a problem, but it is unlikely that it will.

Can you believe he will be 7 months old next week?!?! At his six month well baby check on 1/13, Dillon was up to almost 18 pounds and 28 inches long. Way to grow Dillon! He is still toothless, but looking at his gums it seems a couple could come through any time now! His hair is starting to grow back in and the incision has healed completely. It actually healed within a few weeks of the surgery.

Please visit www.craniokids.org and see our redesigned page! There are new pictures Dillon’s smiling self in his photo albums, stop on by!!!!

That’s it for now, I told you it would be a long update!