December 22nd, 2004

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks!
This past Sunday we went to the family Christmas party (Doug’s side of the family) and had a great time. It was nice for everyone to get to meet Dillon.
The 13th we went to the Craniofacial Institue Childrens Holiday Party, another great time! It is so wonderful for Dr. Jackson and his staff to put that on for the families.
Dillon’s follow up appointment went well also. There were a couple of things on his follow up CT report I was concerned about, but Dr. Jackson explained everything and has assured us that the results a perfectly normal for the type of surgery Dillon had. He goes for more follow up on three weeks.
His physical therapy was delayed because the pediatricians office decided it was better to get the OK from the surgical team before proceeding with that. We got the OK and yesterday I picked up the prescrition for it and filled out the needed paperwork. We’re waiting for a call from the pediatric physical therapist to set up the initial appointment.
Overall, the little guy is doing wonderful! He is always smiling, sleeping through the night (well, most of the time), and eating lot’s of baby food. He has been teething for quite some time, but those teeth just haven’t popped through yet.
I have added some more photos to the three to six month album I can’t believe he is going to be six months old on Christmas, time has flown by so fast!
We are so thrilled with how well he is doing. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas!

Happy holidays to everyone!

December 5th, 2004

Well, we were supposed to have Dillon post-op follow up last Wednesday but because of weather conditions and the long drive, I rescheduled it. It’s now in the morning at 11:45. Hopefully we will find out whether or not Dillon will need helmet therapy. The Wednesday before he had his CT scan and got the staples removed. That little guy is stubborn! The anesthesiologist used a liquid in Dillon’s nose to try to sedate him, but 10 minutes later Dillon was spaced out, but still “talking” away. So then the anesthesiologist tried a shot in the leg, but again Dillon fought it. He just babbled and babbled away. Finally after another shot of the sedative, Dillon fell asleep. They did the scan and then another Dr. from Dr. Jackson’s office removed the staples. By the time they were done, Dillon was already waking up. He wasn’t in any pain, and was in a great mood.
The Dr. was talking about Dillon’s surgery and commented on how many people were in the OR working on Dillon that day. I asked how many and he said at least 15!
Tomorrow afternoon Dillon also has an appointment for Torticollis. I’ll update again after both of those appointments.