September 23rd, 2004

The little man has been in good spirits and we have had a great Dr free week. He’s just a bit on the cranky side today, but we think he is going to cut his first tooth soon. His lower gums are swollen and he is drooling like crazy.
He has learned to roll completely from his back to his stomach, but of course he only does it when we aren’t looking 🙂
The other night I was talking to him and he let out his first ever giggle. It was the most incredible sound I have ever heard! When I went to get him out of his crib this morning I expected the usual “I’m wet and hungry” cry, but instead when I said “goodmorning baby”, I saw a big giant gummy grin. It made my day.
He is getting so big so fast, it seems like yesterday we brought him home, but he will be three months old Saturday. I love watching him grow and change, but at the same time I just want him to stay a wee one forever!

September 17th, 2004

Dillons hematology appointment went well, his hemoglobin did not drop! It actually went up 1/2 gram. The hematologist has released Dillon from his care. Woohoo, one less Dr!!! He wants Dillons Pedi to check it agian at his next well baby visit, but that isn’t for another six weeks.

We now have a scheduled surgery date, it will be November 16th. We’re nervous about it, but at the same time anxious to have it behind us.

September 15th, 2004

Things are going pretty well! He had no seizures during his EEG and brain activity was normal. The lady giving me the results told me that this does not mean he isn’t having seizures, he just didn not have one at that time. She asked me if he still gets the vacant stares and I told her yes, but only when he is sleepy. Well to my surprise she said that this is when the brain is most active and when petit mals and other types of seizures are most likely to occur. We are to keep track of each time it happens and try a few different things to see if he is just spacing out or if these are indeed seizures.
The MRI results said consistent with diagnosis of craniosynostosis. I am assuming this means what the surgeons already explained to us based on the CT scan he had which is that there is some compression in the forehead area and the brain has an abnormal shape (caused by the abnormal head shape). Neither should cause permanent damage and will correct itself after surgery. In the meatime I imagine that is pretty uncomfortable for the little guy.
He has his hematology appointment today and if his hemoglobin is doing good, I imagine he will be Dr and poke free until his neurology follow up appointment in early November.

September 2nd, 2004

Hi everyone! Dillon had his neurologist appointment on Monday. It was two hours long but most of that time was spent with him educating me on the various types of seizures. The guy liked to talk! Dillon has an EEG this afternoon to see if he is having seizures of any sort. We have not noticed nearly as many vacant stares lately so I think it will be fine. The EEG may have to be rescheduled if the insurance authorization has not gone through yet.
On the 13th he has an MRI with dye and anesthesia to check for any possible lesion or pressure in his brain. I felt pretty good about that test as well, but unfortunately he has been crying and screaming excessively again the past few days He may just be a fussy baby…
His surgery keeps getting bumped to a later date. The reason is long. THe short version- the surgeons do not seem to have an open date together and their planning staff dropped the ball. However, depending on the results of these tests, his neurologist and pedi will contact the surgeons to rally for an earlier date. If everything is all clear we are looking at 12-30 or so for his surgery, provided both surgical teams are open that day. If we do end up waiting that long his neurologist assures us that he will monitor him closely until then.
No updates on the anemia, he doesn not go have that checked agian for two more weeks.